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About Us

Gardner Design is a residential design studio, established to create a design platform that makes innovative, functional and personalized design accessible to Sydney homeowners.

With the experience and capability to take projects from inception to completion, Gardner Design nurtures and develops projects of every size. Each project is a unique design collective, blending contemporary design with timeless beauty.

The most important part of the project is a successful partnership between the clients and the designer. At Gardner Design, we embark on a journey with our clients to develop and define each clients inherent style to ensure the space is truly their own.

Developing a space responding to time, place and the unique needs of the client provide inspiration for an innovative approach to our work. Our team works collaboratively, drawing on our individual passions and perspectives, expertise and experiences, to create beautiful solutions to practical problems.

Owen’s background in design, construction, contract management and wide client base, combined with Sarah’s rounded skill set in Interior Architecture & Design, ensures each project brief is fulfilled to its greatest potential.

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